Winter is coming, time to get cosy

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Winter is coming, time to get cosy. As the days get shorter, most of us miss the extended hours provided by daylight saving and the long evenings outside with friends and colleagues, socialising and enjoying each other’s company.

Longer evenings provided a great time to meet new people and enjoy the company of the opposite sex. Even if you had to eventually be home for your domestic responsibilities at some time, you had the opportunity to take advantage of the positive and uplifted mood provided by the sunny afternoons.

Now we are well into autumn and those extended hours at the end of the day are disappearing. While the weather is still fine and mild, and the sunsets are magnificent, we no longer have the time in the sun to socialise, and the closing darkness encourages you trundle back home earlier, reducing our chances of making a fun connection.

Shorter days, the flu season and the wet cold rainy conditions it don’t do much for your mood and often you don’t feel like going out. But there’s no need to be gloomy and ponder how to satisfy our need to socialise and flirt with an attractive potential partner, unbeknown to other people in our lives!

There’s no need to wait to find that special person with whom you can develop a long-term affair or a more casual interaction with another partner to help pass the dreary winter days. It’s amazing how a bright, warm and engaging partner can boost your spirits and put the that warm glow throughout your whole body.

There’s no need to put up with the long dreary days of winter when you can enjoy these with the right partner in a long-term affair, or a more casual interaction with another partner. Visualise a nice bottle of red wine; lying in bed or other places by the fire, joking and laughing about the world as the rain falls on the window pane outside. Just a dream?

This idyllic scene doesn’t have to be a dream and it’s up to you how you make sure that smile and lively, vibrant feeling stays with you throughout the winter.

Susan from Married Affairs Sydney is here to help you. The business provides a very private and discreet service with many clients who are looking who are looking for that special intimate interaction with a sexy, intelligent partner for a ‘no strings attached’ short-term or long-term connection.

Unlike an anonymous Internet dating service where you never know who you are talking to, or how legitimate the person you are speaking to appears to be, when you consult with Married Affairs Sydney you are dealing with real people who are discreet, understand your needs and will only introduce you to people who are genuine and verified.

Personal introductions for discrete intimate relationships assure you that your details are not going to end up in a big data storage facility in the cloud or appear on a Facebook page sometime.

It’s a friendly and simple process. You have a brief, obligation-free meeting at the Married Affairs Sydney CBD office in Kent Street and you’ll quickly understand there are so many people just like you who consider it a normal part of life normal to seek a relationship outside their domestic situation.

After all, life is short and you don’t need to waste time when it comes to your need for a warm and cosy, sexy intimate relationship to get you through the dark days of winter.


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