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Liz, 40s, Edgecliff
It wasn’t easy for me to try the married dating scene but I felt I needed to do something otherwise I’d go crazy. I’m stuck in a marriage that’s been without passion for too long. I really didn’t know what to do and it was a bit scary for me. I’m so glad I called Married Affairs Sydney. Now I wish I had done it sooner. They matched me with a man that’s just right for me.

Cindy, 30s, Bronte
Dear Susan, thank you so much for introducing me and David to each other. It’s magical!

Amanda, 30s, Cremorne
Thank you for making the effort to understand what I was seeking and introducing me to a passionate and caring man. I feel alive again! I would recommend you to anyone looking for a satisfying and discreet married affair.

Tanya, 40s, Bankstown
I needed an escape from my mundane six-year marriage. I knew I wanted to have an affair, but I had to be careful not to put myself in a compromising and dangerous position. That is why it was essential for me to get a professional service. I picked Married Affairs Sydney because of their experience and reputation. During my lunch break I managed to slip into their office and had a face-to-face consultation. Since then, I have been on 3 dates and I am loving my new exciting life. This is a great service for married dating. I would definitely recommend.

Britt, 40s, Petersham
I no longer feel any emotional or physical connection with my husband of 12 years. I missed passion in our relationship and went elsewhere to look for it. Married Affairs Sydney was the perfect agency to organise safe and discreet affair dating. They matched me with the perfect man who fulfils all my desires. I am very pleased.

Angela, 30s, Pyrmont
My husband is so involved with his work and career that he stays out late most evenings and travels a lot interstate leaving me unfulfilled and lonely. Married Affairs Sydney gave me a source of friendship, companionship and a sexual outlet when I am feeling down and needing some excitement and change. Life is too short.

Georgie, 40s, Pennant Hills
I am bored staying at home right now as my kids have grown up and have their own careers. The introductions provided by Married Affairs Sydney are just marvellous. They like to play and enjoy life like I do. Dating is the way to go with no strings attached.

Wendy, 30s, Castle Hill
I had been sexually frustrated for years and scared to tell anyone about it. Even my girlfriends. Married Affairs Sydney gave me a safe, secure and private way to meet great guys to have sexual fun with no complications. I feel terrific about myself again.

Simone, 40s, Hunters Hill
I’ve wanted to have an affair for quite a while, but was very concerned about confidentiality with online dating sites and not knowing if I might end up with a creep, or worse. I didn’t want to change my situation at home. I just wanted to have some fun with a lover that knew what to do with a woman. After investigating several options, I chose Married Affairs Sydney and I’m very glad that I did. I had a free consultation at their Kent Street office. Their service is professional and delivers introductions that have been vetted and are discreet. 10 out of 10 from me – I couldn’t be happier.

From Men

Todd, 50s, Beecroft
Seeking physical intimacy with a woman other than my wife was a difficult decision because I continue to love my wife but, for a number of reasons, am unable to be have sexual relations with her. I decided to seek the intimacy that I need by connecting with other women. I work in an intense profession that takes up much of my time and as such, I had no idea about how to go about meeting compatible women. I researched and found Married Affairs Sydney and met with one of their consultants in their Kent Street office and was instantly made to feel comfortable. She listened carefully and understood my situation and comprehended the type of person with whom I was seeking to connect. For me, discretion, confidentiality, and compatibility were vital. I was introduced to a number of ladies, and connected with an intelligent, vibrant and passionate woman. I feel energised to be with a sensual woman, and am a happier husband for my wife. It is an excellent outcome.

Joey, 30s, Blacktown
Thanks Married Affairs Sydney. I am having fun with the introductions you are giving me. Your original interview set me up for my most ideal women. I loved the privacy and convenience of your CBD office for the discussions. My affairs after that were spectacular. Love it.

Andrew, 45, Manly
I picked Married Affairs Sydney because of their many years experience and their 100% discretion guarantee. After the Ashley Madison scare, they reassured me how their company operates differently. As my consultation was face to face, there is no digital trace back to me. Invoices for their service state “Life Coaching Management Training”, therefore no true payment purpose. My confidentiality and safety is an important priority to me and Married Affairs Sydney understands that.

Andy, 40s, Bondi Junction
My married life is boring, too much routine in every department with little action in the bedroom. The spark is gone. I just wanted to blow off some steam, meet a hot woman, and get some sexual excitement back into my life but I didn’t want any complications. Married Affairs Sydney took care of everything. They promised and they delivered. The woman I see is great, and so is the sex!

Kris, 40s, Chatswood
Although I love my wife, we seemed to have lost the spark and physical touch our relationship used to have. As a man, I needed an outlet for my desires so I contacted Married Affairs Sydney for help. I slipped into their office after work and had a free, no obligation consultation. They were thorough in discussing my reasons and desires for the potential affair. What I respect about this company is the fact they aren’t pushy and gave me time to commit to my decision. A week later, I called back and they organised my introduction.

Justin, 30s, Neutral Bay
Hey married guys, MAS is definitely the best thing since my first wet dream! The ladies are awesome!

Ben, 40s, Pyrmont
I just don’t get enough at home so I went to Married Affairs Sydney. It was what I was looking for because I had already tried a few dates through my social network and although that was fun, it was a bit complicated and I was worried that my wife would find out. What I like about this agency is that it’s personal, confidential, and the women I’ve been introduced to are great.

Jack, 35, St George
After 4 years of a sexless marriage, I was seeking to have a married affair. I found Married Affairs Sydney online and went for the initial free face-to-face consultation. As their office is in the city, it was easy for me to slip in after work. I was impressed with the level of detail they provided me during our discussions. Within 24 hours I got a partner match. I met a great, sexy woman who fulfills my sexual desires. I would definitely recommend Married Affairs Sydney.

Nicholas, 40s, Russell Lea
I have been married flirting for about 6 months, and it was time to take it to the next level. So I tried married dating for a year and I would say these are the best years and sex of my life. No strings and no complications. Just great women and great sex. Married Affairs Sydney does an amazing job of finding the perfect women for me. 5/5 Rating.


Rated 5/5 based on 3 reviews

I was only recently married and my wife just stopped having sex with me. She said there is no problem and I didn’t have to worry about it. It shattered my confidence for 2 years then I decided to do something about it. The team at Married Affairs not only hooked me up with a bombshell blonde that was gorgeous and married, I got my confidence back. Thank you! – Rating 5/5


I am just too much woman for my husband, he can’t keep up in the bedroom and actually agreed I need to work out my sexual frustrations elsewhere. I contacted Married Affairs and found a great partner that gives me the sex I need whilst retaining a great relationship with my husband. It’s a win win. – Rating 5/5


Great matchmaking here, couldn’t be happier with my two introductions. After an extremely disappointing sex life with my husband for 20 years I was ready to just give up. I’m now rejuvenated and couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Home life is great and I’m now getting the sex life I deserve. – Rating 5/5


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