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Over the last few months I’ve been watching current affairs programs such as 60 Minutes, 4 Corners, ABC News, and Sunday Night. I am struck by the fact that so many people are being caught up in sexual liaisons through online dating and then being trolled by some of the people with whom a date has been arranged or where partnerships have been formed.

I see these reports of online abuse, like intimate pictures being posted and the circulation of malicious stories. In extreme circumstances some people are physically assaulted or seriously harassed through being stalked.

Web based liaisons present a problem, in that it is difficult to be sure of the character and intentions of a partner who may be untruthful, have a record of criminal or antisocial behaviour or may just not be genuine. People of ill intent are often habitual liars and are skilled in preying on vulnerable people.

A typical report on this situation appeared on the 60 Minutes program in April this year. Then we have “ Married at First Sight” the reality TV show where the overwhelming conclusion of the experiment shows the arrangement doesn’t work and the outcome is miserable for many individuals. This show demonstrates how people often reveal their true colours only over time. First sight can be so deceptive and even the experts often get it wrong.

It’s no wonder that relationships are often a challenge, even in a permanent relationship or in a marriage. Many women and men find that an intimate relationship outside the humdrum of home life with a spouse who no longer find you attractive is an exciting and stimulating way to retain one’s sense of purpose, self-respect and well-being.

And yes, there are ways to do this with an intimate partner while not destroying relations at home whether you’re in a marriage or a permanent relationship. Here, the challenge is to be sure of the partner you will meet; where you don’t have to worry about discretion security or intentions.

These days it’s surprising the number of people, men and women, who are actively seeking a long-term affair with a casual partner as a way to replace the lost spark in their lives and to make them feel valued and appreciated.

Going down this path is fine as long as there are reliable security checks and validation of the good intentions of the person you are going to meet. After all, if you’re going to have a long-term affair, a short break from everyday routine, or any other form of “no strings attached” relationship you need to be sure of the person you are going to meet.

Married Affairs Sydney have been organising discrete dating connections for over 15 years and, quite the opposite of online dating, provide a face to face introduction service that eliminates any security or discretion concerns. You have the assurance of a positive outcome because you are dealing with real people, not with some faceless online entity.

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When you make your obligation free appointment with Susan, you will quickly realise the depth of her experience in arranging successful relationships for people in all situations. Conveniently located in the Sydney CBD near Wynyard Station your appointment will be set to your time limits and conducted with the utmost discretion.

The members of Married Affairs Sydney are from all works of life, varying ages and experience and have a wide range of interests and hobbies.

As winter approaches, it’s time to think about yourself and what you need out of life’s and take the opportunity to find and cuddle up to a partner who is warm, interesting and engaging.


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