Finding a sexy friend

Let’s face it. There’s nothing better than finding a sexy friend with whom you can share common ideas and interests.
To many of us, this experience may be just a fantasy, as we are bound by family commitments at home that compel us to live in a confined environment. Over time, the pressures of home can erode our happiness and self-awareness.

There are times when all we feel like saying is ‘get me out of here’ so we can live with more excitement in meeting someone special for at least a short time, or for something that may develop into a long-term casual intimate relationship.

Spending time in pubs, clubs, bars or restaurants to meet someone who is engaging and willing to meet on an ongoing basis is often a hit and miss experience, usually resulting in frustration.

While guys are often seen as the hunter, many of us experience doubt in how that attractive lady in the corner should be approached and whether we can handle rejection or expression of disinterest.

Deciding on the right approach and balance between being too forward and being subjected to embarrassment can create an emotional build-up that results in having to return home alone in the wind, cold and rain. An unsuccessful approach can make us feel that we may as well have stayed in and watched “My Kitchen Rules” or “The Voice” instead.

Realising that my domestic life was becoming boring and lacking in spark, I was delighted when I found Susan Mason at Married Affairs Sydney who runs Sydney’s premium introduction service for married and single people.

It was a revelation to discover that this need for connection with a sexy partner is an issue that confronts both men and women of all ages. Susan’s professional approach to casual dating quickly overcomes any concern or embarrassment, as the person to whom you will be introduced has the same expectations and desires.

Susan has helped me meet a new sexy and engaging friend with whom I have an ongoing causal relationship. All this, and still be able to watch my favourite TV programs at home in the evening, with no disruption to family life, as if nothing has happened!

I was really pleased with Susan’s approach to discretion, which is considered paramount, as no records are kept online for potential hackers to get hold of your details, together with secret desires, needs and passions. There’s no need to be shy, as you can make an appointment with Susan over your lunch or coffee break and your needs are spoken about frankly, openly and in a friendly manner.

A major benefit is that Susan has many clients of both sexes on file that has produced a greater than 75% compatibility rate for successful introductions.

Even if you are a bit hesitant to explore the joys of finding a sexy partner, Susan will put you at ease immediately and is happy to make an appointment with you during lunch time or for coffee.

Married Affairs Sydney’s office is conveniently located in Kent Street, Sydney CBD, a hundred metres from Wynyard Station. They will book you in for an initial obligation free, no cost, personal interview to assess your requirements.

Life is short and winter has come. It’s time to treat yourself. Come in and join up. It’s warm and comforting to know you have access to many potential new companions and dating partners. Susan and her staff are friendly and will welcome your call on 02 9251 4948 or email for an appointment soon.

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