Good sex for healthy life

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Good sex for healthy life

According to a newspaper article in “The Australian” on Friday, January 11, 2018  written by Ruth Ostrow in the Life, Wellbeing Section,  “people who stay sexually active can expect to be healthier and happier with better stamina, skin and muscle tone.”

The article also says, “It has been proven sex and love are the ultimate elixirs of youth.”

This article was contributed by Marc Cohen, Professor of Health Sciences at RMIT University and his opinions were included in this newspaper report.

“The deep breathing and laughter of sex can release nitric oxide which in turn triggers endorphins and mood enhancing chemicals or hormones such as nature’s reward chemical, dopamine. These can fight mental fatigue and depression.”

“There’s growing research that suggests the more we experience love in our lives of any kind the longer we live and the more protected we are against a whole lot of degenerative diseases” Cohen says.

“Those who remained sexually active as they got older appeared happier and healthier than those that didn’t and they reported greater stamina, skin and muscle tone and wellbeing.

Orgasms bring oxygen into the system, flush the blood and nourish the epidermis keeping the skin youthful …and it feels fabulous.”

So what happens to those in the growing demographic of people who are alone? What of those who don’t have a loving partner, kids have left home, or are sexually deprived or mismatched with their partners drive?”

Maybe an intimate private affair is the answer.

An organised, safe and fulfilling sexual affair.

An affair organised in a safe environment that you can control maybe the way for you to get those chemicals firing up for you. Perhaps it’s the best way to give you the best chance of living until you are 100, looking and feeling as youthful as a 30-year-old!

Help is  on hand at Married Affairs Sydney where Susan, who has been in the business for 15 years and can boast a 75 per cent success rate, can help you find the right date.

“Here is your chance to be happy with your date, who may either be an ongoing or short-term affair; one that can help you be sexually satisfied to keep the dopamine coming on strong and help your skin remain as glowing and smooth as a baby’s behind!”,

“We have men and women as members. Everyone is searching for the wonderful intimacy to which the professor suggests is great for our health”, Susan said.

Married Affairs Sydney works face to face, so they know your personality type and your preferences first hand. You have no fear of digital intrusions or hackers as no information is kept online. You don’t have to worry about being a Facebook statistic or the victim of inappropriate people or being the subject of fraudulent activity by an online dating site.

Married affairs Sydney provides a face-to-face obligation free consultation in their office. Depending on your requirements and your authorisation to proceed, you will shortly start meeting your best matched partner.

Conveniently located in Sydney CBD near Wynyard Station, it is easy to make an appointment at a time that suits you during lunch or coffee break for an initial assessment of how married affairs Sydney can help you on the road to health and happiness.

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