My partner is boring!

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My partner is boring!

Dining out with friends and colleagues, I can’t help noticing many couples of all ages vaguely looking at each other while busily engaging with their mobile phones or tablets.

I am struck by the obvious disconnection these people are experiencing with each other; preferring to be more involved with their friends and contacts on social media.

You often see married couples in restaurants who are not enjoying each other’s company; no longer communicating, except to complain about the service, the food or their mutual shortcomings. So many people are living lives of quiet misery and boredom, only nodding politely to each other when required.

When did the passion and excitement die?

After many years of marriage, the familiarity has become all consuming.  Underneath still lies the passion they once had, but boredom has taken over. They have forgotten how to regenerate the spark of intimacy that was once in the relationship. New ideas, adventures and delightful surprises have gone by the wayside.

Have you ever noticed how people come alive again when they meet a caring person who will listen to them during lively conversation and value their thoughts and opinions?

You may have considered separation and the ensuing drastic outcomes of arguments and disturbance on finances and the huge impact on family life. It’s not surprising you feel like an abandoned lover in need of rediscovery.

 An organised safe, discreet experience is the answer.

A sensitive, professionally organised and structured introduction or longer term married affair may be the answer. Common interests, desires or hobbies can spark a new lease on life for you and your partner.

At Married Affairs Sydney, conveniently located in the Sydney CBD, the friendly and understanding consultants clearly understand your frustrations. After an initial obligation free interview, they will develop an introduction plan for you that fully reflects the constraints of your personal situation.

Your consultant’s next step is to work with you, understanding the profile of the type of person you are seeking. With this detailed knowledge, you will be matched with someone who best meets your criteria…both intellectually and sexually.

Safe dating

You may be familiar with community initiatives such as the “Ask for Angela” program where dangerous situations at social drinking venues are defused by providing an escape route if a date turns threatening.

Professionally arranged discreet introductions by Married Affairs Sydney avoid the potential dangers of meeting unidentified people. Members’ details are checked and verified for your safety.

A discreet consultation by appointment at Married Affairs Sydney has been made as convenient as possible. Appointments may be made to suit your lunch breaks or other working hours.

Be rediscovered and revitalised.

A simple phone call for an appointment or filling our enquiry form may be the best decision of your life that will bring happy satisfaction, in a discreet and safe environment.

Discretion is assured. Unlike most online dating agencies, your personal information is kept privately, off-line and not exposed to potential hacking, misuse or other intrusion.

Remember, there are a lot of interesting and frustrated people out there now who may be looking for someone just like you to make them feel wanted and fulfilled.


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