Marital dating can be naughty and nice

At this time of the year most of our members, regardless of their culture or religious belief,  all look forward to having a break and a chance to unwind from hectic lives.

For many of us, it’s a time when we are involved with a shopping frenzy and preparing to celebrate the holiday period. The online “Black Friday” events and participating stores have broken all records.

Married affairs Sydney members cover every age bracket, different cultures and have come from all over the world; all with their own way of celebrating at this holiday time.

Holiday period can be lonely

Unfortunately, the annual holiday period can also be one of the loneliest times of the year for many people who have no close relatives or friends with whom they can visit and celebrate, making it a very difficult time to establish relationships.

Over the holidays, there is no need to miss out on the closeness we all desire, even though some may be estranged from their partners or are otherwise experiencing stresses and strains in their family or personal situation.

Without an emotional release, times such as these can create more stress, as families are caught up with the challenges of how to handle family relatives and dealing with the pressures of sourcing the right gifts to keep all the family happy.

While many people have an outward appearance of being happy, this may hide the underlying stress caused by shaky relationships. Stress of this nature can make the holiday period a very challenging time, and indeed, a time when feelings of alienation, loneliness and lack of intimacy can make a person feel miserable.

Too many people missing out

As public venues close for the holiday break, there are fewer for the opportunity to meet that someone special for a great date, or an affair that is frivolous and full of fun.

Perhaps surprisingly, it’s not just men who have affairs. According to the ABC TV’s “Ask Australia” survey of over 45,000 Australians, 45 percent of Australians say they are not having enough sex. Most interesting is the fact that the largest group is women in their mid-20s to late 30s.

A casual date or a more long-term private relationship with a new partner is satisfying and reduces stress in your emotional life at this time of the year.

A service just for you

If you are one of the many people in Sydney who is not having a satisfying intimate sexual relationship, Married Affairs Sydney specialises in providing a very discrete and private consultation.

This means your passionate engagements are kept confidential, just between you and your date. Its absolutely secure off-line system means it can’t be hacked and private information cannot be mistakenly forwarded on by click via an internet link.

Manager, Susan, has been in the dating and matchmaking business in Sydney for over 15 years and has hundreds of happy and satisfied clients. The credible information shown by the ABC survey means there are many unfulfilled people around Sydney who have not had satisfactory results by using online services. Even more importantly, many may have experienced some of the hidden dangers associated with this uncertain method of meeting people.

Naughty is very nice

If you want to be nice and naughty, Santa can deliver you a perfectly satisfying gift under your tree via Married Affairs Sydney. Sometimes the naughtier the better, based on your  “Who I would like to meet “questionnaire that we help you complete.

Gift wrapping or not – it’s up to you!  Married Affairs Sydney understands the loneliness and feeling of disconnection that many people feel at this time of the year and is open to help you, right up until Christmas eve and we’re back early in 2020 to make sure you don’t miss out.

A truly happy New Year can be yours by not letting the fun and excitement of a fulfilling, intimate life pass you by. All you need to do is click here and leave your enquiry and one of our friendly staff members will respond at the earliest opportunity.


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