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For most people, the holiday period is a time for relaxing and connecting with family and friends and provides a welcome break from the routine and humdrum of daily life.

People who enjoy a happy, intimate marriage or relationship find that it’s a time to spend with each other, a time to cement the bonds through a happy, robust sexual relationship.

Others can find it a stressful time where the difficulties of strained relationships come to the fore, without the distraction of work and work-associated socialising that occurs through the year.

Feeling unfulfilled

Many people are pleased to see the end of holidays and the irritations and confrontations that occur when their relationship is not supported by a healthy sexual intimacy, where either of the partners feels ignored, deprived and unfulfilled.

After holiday breaks, and particularly the end of year holiday season, it’s common to notice an increase in enquiries to relationship and introduction agencies  such as Married Affairs Sydney.

Married Affairs Sydney specialises in arranging ‘no strings attached’ relationships for people within marriages or long-term arrangements who are no longer prepared to feel deprived of expressing themselves sexually.

Members who register have no desire to break up their marriage or to disrupt their personal lives in any way. All these men and women have a need to express their natural sexuality and want to feel desired and appreciated.

Sexual deprivation is not good for you

Men and women who go through life without the ability to enjoy sexual intimacy resulting from a partner’s loss of libido, financial pressures or the many causes of an intimate breakdown, are unhappy and do not function properly as a result of a lack of positivity in their outlook on life.

That’s why thousands of people venture online to all sorts of dating sites in the hope of meeting someone for a relationship that will provide some happiness and balance in their lives. Unfortunately, many of these online sites can lead to disappointment and the feeling of disillusionment as well as wasted money.

And let’s not forget the dangers inherent in meeting online where it is not possible to accurately assess the credentials, personality, nature or social behaviour of the person who you may meet.

An ideal solution

Fortunately, there is a great answer to this dilemma. Married affairs Sydney has been established for more than 17 years and is operated by friendly understanding and caring people who know how these situations occur and are committed to finding a wonderful long-term playmate to suit your needs.

It’s a simple process where you can just call or email to make arrangements for an initial, obligation free meeting with Susan and her team at their Sydney CBD office in Kent Street, where you may be assured they will take the time to fully understand your situation, requirements, limitations and what you are looking for in a partner.

After this appointment it doesn’t take long to set up several meetings with prospective partners and over a cup of coffee where you can decide who will be the right one for you.

The most important thing is, however, all this is done in a very discrete and personalised manner that does not compromise your security in any way, as no records are kept online and unlike online services, your identity is protected and potential partners are fully vetted for safety and suitability.

Make happiness your New Year resolution

Make sure 2020 is a happy New Year for you! There’s no better time than the start of a new year, and certainly new decade, to get out of the rut of frustration and unhappiness and do something wonderful for yourself, without any disruption to your family situation.

It’s as simple as picking up the phone and calling Susan on 0423 242 773 or clicking on this link to make your enquiry.


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