2020: A year to achieve your sexual goals

We are already well into the start of 2020 and no doubt there are many who are asking themselves how they are feeling about their well-being through a happy, healthy sexual relationship.

The effect of a healthy sexual relationship on our happiness, performance and outlook on life is well documented and for people of any age, this is a really important aspect of their life.

Reflecting on the previous year, some would be wondering whether they did or didn’t achieve their life goals and what they could do to improve the situation by finding a partner who shared their needs.

If you’re like the many who are determined not to let 2020 be the same old same old, whose life is filled with frustrations, partners with sexual inhibitions and a lack of response to their desire and need for intimacy, you don’t want to feel down, lethargic, empty and unwanted.

It’s also a fact of life that most people don’t lose their sexual drive until they are often quite old and indeed, feel sexual stimulation most days as the result of real-life encounters and the circumstances in which they find themselves.

The situation becomes worse when you are in a long-time family relationship, with children, financial responsibilities and all the other demands that are placed on you every day. The sheer tedium of some relationships sap your energy and create an unnecessary barrier between you and fully realising your sexual experiences.

 Lots of variety

Thanks to our multicultural population that often has a background of different lifestyles, needs and experiences, there is plenty of variety out there if you want to have a healthy, sexual intimate experience and enjoy others through their personality, expressions, hobbies and even the same sexual drives, fantasies and fetishes.

Married Affairs Sydney caters for our wonderful cultural diversity and need for sexual satisfaction, experimentation and fulfillment.  This is not an online dating agency, but a genuine business that helps people match each other who are in tedious relationships and wish to form casual or long-term extramarital liaisons.

It’s interesting to note that according to one ABC TV survey on “Ask Australia” based on peoples’ lifestyles, more than 45 percent who responded said they were not having enough sex and were lonely. Interestingly, the largest group here were young women in the age between 22 to 35.

Human connection

We all thrive on connection and intimacy. Since prehistoric days, early humans formed tribes for  protection, communication and to produce families.

The need for acceptance, shared interests at all levels and mutual sexual satisfaction is a basic requirement for happy human life that enables you to be your true self. Where the absence of sexual intimacy in a marriage or relationship feels like a millstone around your neck, the addition of a regular interlude with someone special may be just the medicine you need to make you feel wanted and appreciated once again.

A great solution.

Married Affairs Sydney has been providing valuable introduction services to many people for the last 17 years and prides itself on helping sexually frustrated and lonely people connect through dates with the opposite sex who have shared interests and passions.

Susan and her team introduce members to others who don’t want to disturb their home situation or interfere with work or family life. The agency has an office on Kent Street Sydney CBD and provides extremely discrete and private services through one-on-one, face to face interviews to establish what each person needs and to validate new members as being genuine and sincere.

The online dating scene can be fraught with dangers, therefore a legitimate office-based professional service like Married Affairs Sydney provides security, safety and discretion to ensure you and your selected partner can once again enjoy life to the full.

Members can enjoy numerous dates until they decide on that someone special for a long-term casual relationship that will deliver happiness for 2020 and even into the years ahead.

All it takes is a phone call to Susan on 02 9251 4948 or mobile 0423 242 773 for an obligation free consultation. Until you take that first important step, you may never know what happiness lies ahead!

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