Sexy affairs are good for you

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Time to get an affair

Life is so short, and the pity is there are so many people who are missing out on a sexually fulfilling life because either partner no longer finds enjoyment in the sexual intimacy that nature intended. Sexy affairs are good for you.

Forget people who suggest you go to a therapist for advice! All that many of these ‘professionals’ will do is take your hard-earned money and give you advice that probably won’t work anyway.

When our bodies are not able to perform the tasks for which they were intended (including good sex) it’s common for side-effects to appear in the same way as any malfunction of our bodies. Take for example Elaine*, one of our 45-year-old female members who found herself in the predicament where her partner was no longer attracted to her and she became depressed.

It’s a real roller coaster: when you become depressed you tend to either drink too much, eat too much, become angry and basically exhibit negative personality traits.

In Elaine’s case she tried to overcome her depression by eating too much which subsequently put on excess body weight, making her feel even more depressed and dissatisfied with the way she looked to others who may not find her sexually attractive.

Confiding in a friend, she said she would try liposuction to get rid of the weight. Her wise friend pointed out that this would not be a permanent solution, as the cause of her depression and misery was the fact that she was not receiving the attention of her husband and not being sexually gratified.

 Alienation affects all the family

“For the last 15 years my husband and I have slept in separate rooms depriving me of the enjoyment of fun sex that needs to be nurtured through a normal loving relationship”, Elaine said.

“I now realise this lack of attention has had a huge effect on my self-image. This deprivation of a natural sexual relationship has made me feel angry, having a negative effect on the children who are sensitive to the hostile undertones that develop between parents in this situation.

“Of course, I looked around at the attractive men at work as a possible way of finding the passion and excitement that brings a purpose and contentment to a normal person’s life, but common sense and workplace rules put an end to that notion”, Elaine said.

Fortunately for Elaine, her friend had heard of Susan at Married Affairs Sydney who had helped dozens of other people just like her to find a man who would truly want her, spend time with her and make her feel like the real woman she was.

With her level of frustration increasing, Elaine contacted Married Affairs Sydney, an agency that provides one-on-one professional help in finding partners for people just like her; people who have experienced the same rejection, alienation and who are looking for a no-strings, fun-filled sexual relationship.

Finding the right solution

It didn’t take too long. After spending an hour with Susan, Elaine was introduced to a great guy who like her, wanted a no strings attached relationship and proved to be a great lover, touching her the way she wanted to be touched; making her body cry out with desire that she hadn’t felt for many years.

“It’s been a few weeks now and the chemistry has been amazing! We are now meeting regularly, and every time is more exciting than the last. I can’t wait to see him get so excited and how my body has responded to his touch. I feel so happy, particularly knowing that I have the same effect on him!”

“I now realise I have never really enjoyed sex with my husband, but with my no-strings attached, ongoing relationship, I have been able to fully live all my sexual fantasies and absolutely enjoy receiving oral sex for hours on end that give me multiple orgasms”, Elaine said.

Today, through the help of Susan and her team at Married Affairs Sydney, Elaine has lost weight naturally; her self-image has received a big boost and she is enjoying a regular, totally satisfying sexual experience with a great guy.

The highly experienced team at Married Affairs Sydney have a deep understanding of the issues confronting people who are looking for sexual satisfaction to help keep their lives and families together. Arranging one-on-one meetings assures that your privacy is respected, and the time is taken to fully understand your individual needs.

While an affair may not be for everyone, there are dozens of people out there who will tell you the excitement and fulfilment of an affair has been a lifesaver for them and their families.

After all, who wouldn’t do the best they can to ensure happiness for themselves, without impacting or disrupting normal family life?

* Name changed for confidentiality

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