Variety is the spice of life

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Variety is the spice of life

I go with my male friends for drinks after work to catch-up on the work day and to review the current dire straits of the political situation. The conversation always seems to get around to how frustrated they are at home with their love life and their need to satisfy their urges. Their spouses are not willing to accommodate their natural sexual appetite, and this is unfortunate for men who love and respect their wives and family.

How do you dissipate your sexual energy when a partner has lost interest, or is too busy with their job while raising the children?

The same urges apply to women who may no longer feel like sex with their husbands but would like to have a fling with someone new from time to time; someone who can treat them like on a first date, who has different perspectives, desires and energies. Many women desire a spark to be reignited after the loss of intimacy when love moves on to a boring routine and familiarly takes over.

How do you satisfy deep, sexual desires and keep all the things the same at home with no upsets, disappointments or periods of undue stress?

Approaching women is more of a challenge

Australian women of all nationalities are very beautiful and come in all shapes and sizes. The fact they dress so well is a serious distraction for my male colleagues. Australian women are open, friendly and intelligent but they can be untouchable to men because of the risk of being accused of abuse if comments are made or the wrong approach is made.

The interesting part is, most women crave to be desired and admired. I suppose a cold shower could be an option. Maybe a visit to a brothel is another solution. What many would like is a regular, ongoing catch-up that involves a personal connection.

After a few drinks my friends look admiringly at the waitresses and the barmaids but realise that they have family commitments and trudge home feeling unfulfilled and sexually deprived.

I find it interesting how the sexual drive of many men lasts until they are well past 80 years of age. The need for female company is still large in their minds, yet at the same time they don’t want to leave their wives, children and grand-kids.

A discreet affair maybe the answer. The same person can be met on an ongoing basis with both agreeing on the relationship that is clean, hygienic and respectful.  Being with some intimate partner from time to time means tensions are removed to make a more settled home environment and that spark maybe found again with their own partner and a marriage saved.

An affair maybe the best answer for all parties. Life is short.

I meet Susan at Married Affairs Sydney recently through an on-line ad and set up a free, no obligation appointment in their office in the Sydney CBD.

The first thing I wanted was that this helpful service was discreet, private and safe. Unlike an online dating site which has no security and you never know what lies may be made, or mixed messages that can be given.

This appointment art Married Affairs Sydney gives each party a chance to meet after a reliable interview and a personality check and like most people, I don’t have time chasing down phantoms on online dating sites.

Personal criteria of a real person can be selected with Married Affairs and it’s reassuring to know that no data is kept on line for hackers to get in for exploiting the unwary. A personal ID check has been carried out , so you know the person is genuine.

After that, a date is organised and from there all is in your hands or for other dates to be organised if the first once doesn’t work out. I meet some wonderful ladies and have heard the ladies in the program were really happy and satisfied with the men they had meet.

I believe a discrete safe and satisfying affair is the way to go……

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