What is an affair?

What is an emotional affair, Married Dating Service, North Shore

Sex makes the world go around. It always has and always will. As human beings we’re programmed to enjoy sex and all that it brings to our lives. Good sex makes us feel happy, contented, fulfilled, appreciated and good about ourselves. So what is an affair?

We are programmed to enjoy sex and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The problem is, too many times both women and men forget its importance and the role it plays in their sense of well-being and overall happiness.

A fulfilling sexual experience makes us feel good about ourselves, our minds and bodies and paves the way for us to enjoy the other good things of life; friends, families, work, hobbies sport– everything! A good sex life helps us to overcome difficulties and disappointments, sadness and loss.

On the other hand, sexual deprivation engenders negative feelings of self-doubt, dissatisfaction, disappointment, lack of fulfilment and often, poor self-esteem.

We are designed to enjoy sex

Let’s face it. We are designed to enjoy each other. In too many marriages and relationships both men and women forget how to enjoy sex. They forget how to give themselves and make time for one of life’s most precious, stimulating and exciting gifts.

Whether you want to do it for minutes, hours, days at a time or just enjoy the hot flush of mutual passion, there’s nothing quite like a good sexual experience to put a smile on our faces — and that’s the way it should be!

Unfortunately, the stresses of daily life and family challenges in every marriage distract us from our sexual enjoyment. In too many cases, either partner just gives up, or makes lame excuses that erode the sexual spark, ultimately extinguishing the flame of healthy passion which in turn, causes a whole raft of relationship issues.

So why do people seek affairs? Simply for all the reasons above. There are so many women and men whose lives lack the fire, spirit of excitement and mutual joy of a passionate and intimate sexual relationship. Their partner has forgotten to let themselves go, or give themselves completely, to enjoy each other’s bodies in every way they desire.

Having an affair can save your sanity and your marriage and ensure that families stick together. Affairs don’t have to destroy a relationship; they can remove the stresses and challenges that sexual deprivation creates for the partner who is unfulfilled.

Finding sexual satisfaction is a big problem in our busy and complex lives. Fortunately, there are helpful agencies available who make it their business to set up affairs for those who have just had enough, or you want feel alive through a passionate and sparkling sexual relationship.

 Protecting family life

Most people in a family situation who share property, family, children and pets are reluctant to break those relationships because of the emotional and financial stresses that splitting will generate. However, they are open to satisfying their unmet needs by forming intimate relationships with someone else.

But how does one find that special partner? How does one find someone, like them, who does not want to jeopardise their existing family life by making a permanent split, but rather seeks a partner who experiences similar needs and wishes to form a “no strings attached” relationship where mutual needs can be met to create a satisfying and joyous intimate experience?

Many people opt for the online dating path which is fraught with risks disappointments and wasted time in trying to meet someone who fits their needs. Others, sensibly, adopt a more businesslike approach engaging the services of a specialist agency with people who are professional, discreet and set up to manage these situations.

Professional help is available

Here again, you need to be careful with selecting the agency with whom you are going to entrust with this discrete and delicate matter. There are reliable agencies who will go out of their way to spend time with you; to discuss your needs, and to ensure that they introduce you to right partner for an intimate affair.

Agencies such as Married Affairs Sydney have been operating for many years and have a CBD office and consulting rooms where you may be assured your privacy is respected and your needs are considered seriously and sympathetically.

An affair may or may not be the solution to your problems. However, many will vouch for the excitement, fulfilment and the value an affair has given them through critical times of their lives and have allowed them to continue their happy family life without further stress and in the manner in which they would desire.


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