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Australia and the rest of the world has changed. The contagious effects of the terrible Coronavirus continue to paralyse the way we are all used to living, working and socialising.

Compared with a most other developed nations, here in Australia we are very fortunate in that most of the cases have originated from people returning home from cruise ships or overseas visitors. Our government has acted promptly in ensuring that any of these people who are in danger of transmitting corona virus are held in compulsory isolation.

For the rest of us, we are forced into self-isolation and social distancing which may cause stress to those who are used social activity , and particularly our members, many of whom are feeling the effects of this social isolation.

People who are already experiencing tension in their marriage find that the lock down situation makes their domestic situation even worse, as they are forced to be in close proximity to their partners and spouses for extended periods.

We are also hearing that domestic violence has increased during this time as bad habits and irritations come to the fore because we are constantly with partners who may already be in an unsuitable or tension filled relationship.

The country’s leaders have indicated that lock downs and social distancing may become a part of our life for the foreseeable future. This poses the question; how one can manage the boredom and sexual frustration of being stuck at home and never being able to get close to someone for intimate conversation and exchange social pleasantries?

What is even worse, all those places where people can meet, mingle socialise and relax, such as pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants and other social venues are also in lock down.

It’s times like this when services such as Married Affairs Sydney can ease the tension by making connections for men and women and put back some of the fun and excitement in meeting new people.

Once we have made a connection for you, you can phone, email, Facetime or Skype to introduce yourself. After Married Affairs Sydney makes the connections, you can then make discrete contact so you can determine what level of risk there may be in meeting them in person.

When you are both satisfied you are low Covid-19 risk you can organise a meeting in a private secluded location; perhaps even in the home or take a walk in the park. And if the chemistry is right with this connection you can take it from there and plan for some future meetings.

After all, social connection with a fun and interesting partner is important for your mental health, because no one can stop self-isolation forever. When the time comes when isolation is not necessary, you can share time with a fun partner who, like you, is frustrated and looking for fun.

You can forget about all the frustrations and challenges often encountered with online dating agencies because we are not online. Information is kept offline, discrete and secure. At our office in the Sydney CBD you will only meet one consultant who will observe social distancing regulations.

This obligation-free first consultation will show you how easy it is to find your perfect playmate from the large database of members.

Unlike many businesses, we are open to help you with your needs to find a sexy fun partner. Just give Susan a call on 02 9251 4948 or 0423 242 773.

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