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If there is one thing that living with COVID-19 has taught us, it is that people need intimate contact with people other than their families.

Even families who are have been thrown together for long periods of time in the one location have found that patience is often stretched by being in such close proximity for so long.

Of course, it is even worse for those of us who live alone and forced to rely on digital communications for our fix for the sexy touch someone who wants to be with us.

In these days of isolation and social distancing, the online dating scene has become extremely crowded, busy and remains an unreliable and potentially dangerous method of meeting that special playmate; that casual sexy companion to help us feel good about ourselves and at the same time easing the tedium of our lives.

Now is the time for a new relationship

Many of us have time on our hands, so it’s a great time to explore a new relationship with an attractive playmate, so that when the social distancing and restrictions are lifted (as they will be), you will be ready for that exciting affair with a great partner!

For over 17 years, Married Affairs Sydney has been the business of introducing people to each other who are in married or other relationships to meet sexy like-minded individuals who need a sensual experience to spice up their humdrum lives.

Proven results

This successful and time-proven introduction service is a safe and discreet way to meet a partner for a no strings attached relationship. It will give you back that spark and put some joy back into a life filled with boring sameness, without jeopardising existing marriages or relationships at home.

The benefit is both parties have joined a membership for the specific reason of meeting a discrete, sexy playmate and you know from the outset that you are both there to sexually please each other.

We all need the intimacy of sex with a willing partner, so when things cool down in the bedroom at home or relationship goes stale, finding a suitable playmate will put a whole new perspective on your life. It will give you the sexual fulfilment you crave, yet remains an arm’s length, no strings attached arrangement where you can lead your normal life.

Safety first

Unlike online dating, the consultants in their office on Kent Street Sydney at Married Affairs Sydney will give you a face-to-face, personal, obligation free initial consultation to find out what sort of partner you are seeking and will be able to quickly make some introductions for you.

By going down this path, you know your information will be kept totally confidential, off-line and be happy knowing all members have been personally checked for their credentials, identity and intentions, so you know exactly what you are getting and what to expect.

What are you waiting for?

Contacting married affairs Sydney is easy and discreet. Simply pick up the phone and call Susan on 0423 242 773 to arrange your free consultation.

Life is short; why deprive yourself of the happiness that can come from having a sexual partner who truly desires your company and enjoys being with you?


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