Millions of Dollars Lost to Fake Dating Sites. We List the Best Ways to Meet Married Women and Men

Married but looking dating site Sydney, Best site to meet married women

Married but Looking for Something More? Call Married Affairs Sydney and Avoid Scams from Dating Sites

If you think many new online dating sites have sprung up recently, you are right! Why is this so? The answer is that these have been designed to take advantage of peoples’ feelings of isolation. More people are experiencing a need to connect with someone, and to release built-up frustrations, passions, and desires.

$37 Million Lost From Fake Online Dating Romance Scams on Sites and Social Media

It is quite common for people to receive messages from unknown and strange websites. They ask you to sign up so you can access their database of ‘so-called’ people who want to meet you. Typically, they offer the viewer images of very sexy women of all ages showing their naked and semi-naked bodies.

Fake Dating Websites and Social Media Profiles are Prolific

Millions Lost to Fake Dating Site Profiles, Married but looking dating site, Best site to meet married women.

Women often receive friend requests from American servicemen(*1). They often say they don’t ever comment or send random messages but couldn’t resist messaging them after seeing how lovely their profile was. Yep, we receive them too! They are not genuine and only cause havoc on the hearts (and purses) of Australian women.

Married but looking dating site Sydney, Best site to meet married women, Millions Lost to Fake Dating Sites

They say they offer passion, sexual adventures, caressing and fondling. Men receive more images and texts offering passion, sexual adventures, caressing and fondling. Is it working? Yes. Australian men and women of all ages are getting scammed. 43% of people fall victim to these scammers(*2).

According to Scam Watch, run by the ACCC, Australians lost $37 million to online romance scams in 2020(*3).

Even worse, some have been known to insert a virus in your hard drive for financial extortion and threat blackmail. Some are women who are just seeking permanent residency in Australia and have no interest in your wellbeing and security. No matter what, these scams are criminal offences. All scams should be reported to the ACCC.

These websites operate in Australia and overseas. The bad grammar, spelling and language errors are a dead giveaway. Responding to most of these sites can be dangerous and indiscreet. For example, someone at the other end who responds to you will not be concerned about your privacy. They often only reply at odd hours, outside of our time zone here in Australia. The danger is that they hold your information for distribution to other scammers and marketing organisations.

Married But Looking? Or Just Looking for the Best Site to Meet Single and Married Women and Men?

How do you satisfy your need to find an appropriate, discreet partner without exposing yourself to the many dangers of online dating?

Married Affairs Sydney has been operating in the Australian market for more than 17 years. We have a large membership of men and women who have been verified as real. Our members are genuinely seeking the same things as you. From casual, no-strings-attached scenarios to more permanent relationships.

Locally Owned and Operated Matchmaking for Real Sydney People

The process is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is contact our Sydney CBD office manager Susan on (02) 9251 4948 or mobile 0423 242 773 for an obligation free appointment.

• Let her know the type of person you desire to date. She will review your requirements to:
•  Understand your ideal and most compatible person.
• Address any privacy concerns.
• Arrange a suitable time for a personal meeting to further discuss your needs.

Don’t forget. This is your best opportunity to meet the person to whom you are most attracted in real-life circumstances. Not some imaginary person wafting around the Internet. Our members are real and like you, are very discreet and will do nothing to affect or interrupt your private work or home life.

Christmas is just around the corner. Why not celebrate the season by giving yourself the best present you can think of? Meeting a new sexy playmate for mutually passionate times!


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