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Adult Matchmaker au, Dating website for married men and women, Adult Dating Sydney

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Sydney adults can finally have fun again! Why shouldn’t adults have more fun in their lives? Why not have great dating experiences full of excitement and variety when you want it? Explore your curiosity safely and discretely – no strings attached. As Australia’s elite adult matchmaker agency, we are highly experienced at connecting married men and women with intimate dates. Learn more below and on our website.

It is time to feel desired again and receive the attention you deserve. While we all want our relationships to be all we ever need, sometimes life can get in the way of that. As a solution, a ‘married affair’ provides discretion and satisfaction.

Dating Websites vs the Personal Attention of an Elite Matchmaker for Adult Married Men and Women

In the world of interconnectivity, we should be connecting more and feeling more secure. But that doesn’t appear to be happening. Online dating companies like Tinder and Ashely Madison have all sorts of complaints and issues raised against them. People using their services make up stories, present false descriptions of themselves and scam money out of people(*1). There is no way to completely avoid this in the world of online dating. This is one of the reasons why we at Married Affairs Sydney are so busy.

Match Probability – What Do the Numbers Say?

Men who use Tinder have a probability of 0.6% to make a meaningful match. Women are higher at 10%(*2).

Our success rate is 75% +

Every single person who joins us on their journey to finding the right match for them is vetted. We meet all our matches to make sure they are real, genuine people. Why? Because we know how hard it is to date online. To have time and money wasted and then, to make things worse, you finally go on a date and discover the person is not who they said they were, or they make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. That is not intimacy and completely fails at connecting like-minded people.

Meet New People in Sydney with Similar Mindsets and Goals

Adult Matchmaker au, Dating website for married men and women

Why shouldn’t adults have fun? You are in a special place in your life. You may have a career, a busy schedule and maybe a family. Just like you, we all need a break from time to time and have some fun. The challenge is finding someone who is like-minded or in a similar situation to connect with. That is where we come in. We connect people like yourself with others in complementary situations with similar goals and needs. We don’t want you to make any changes at home if you don’t want to. You may be happily married and just need some extra spark or connection(*3). If you wish to develop a longer-term dating situation, we also cater for permanent relationships.

Discretion and Privacy for Singles and Married Men and Women

Adult Matchmaker au, Dating website for married men and women in Sydney

Best of all, you do not need to download an app or make a public profile for the world to see online. Everything we do is discrete and protects you and your privacy. Discretion is most important, and we rate this as our priority.

You may be bored, frustrated or in an unhappy and stifling situation at home and need some release. We can help.

Arrange an obligation-free appointment at our Sydney CBD Office in Kent Street. Book on our website or contact Susan, our esteemed manager on 0423 242 773 or the office (02) 9251 4948.

Love (and fun) is in the air.




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*3. Sackville, K. Many People Having Affairs Consider Themselves To Be ‘Happily’ Married. The Sydney Morning Herald. 2019.




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