An affair for the spice in your life

Variety is the spice of life.

There are many different spicy and tantalising people around the world with different exotic features, interests, hobbies and tastes. While it is great to have meat and three vegetables every day for dinner, most people find that forty years of this routine can become a bit boring.

If you follow the television food programs you can see what a wonderful varieties of meals can be prepared and savoured, but it’s difficult to get these at home. It’s a bit the same with people. Being able to meet different people with a different outlook on life, passions and hobbies makes our lives richer, more interesting and exciting.

It’s not easy to meet someone else without the hassle of going to popular meetings spots, pickup bars, cafes or clubs. Often the people who frequent these venues may not be ideal for you.

Meeting strangers can be risky

These days, meeting strangers at random presents risks. If dating is the outcome of some of these meetings, you don’t really know if they are genuine; whether they are telling the truth and you can’t be absolutely sure about their ability to maintain confidentiality.

Apart from the time and expense of drinks cocktails food snacks taxi fares and admission fees, you often spend a huge amount of time going through the tedious process of trying to find out whether or not the person with whom we are speaking is genuine and whether or not they are looking for a casual hook up or a long term relationship. Let’s face it; this process can be very time-consuming exhausting and emotionally stressful.

In an ideal world, wouldn’t it be great if you are able to date someone new without all these hassles and potentially hook up with someone who shares the same interests, food and experiences? To go out with someone on a casual basis or regularly, discreetly in private. And what if all their identifications have been checked and shown that they are genuine and not online predator?

Furthermore, however the date doesn’t work out and you can be introduced to someone else, who is different and spicy, without disturbing anything you have at home. After all, you have learnt to like the meat and three veg after so many years, even though it’s totally unexciting!

A pathway to excitement

If this sounds a bit like you, don’t despair. The Sydney introduction agency “Married Affairs Sydney” has been arranging an affair for the spice in your life for like-minded people who share your desires and needs for both casual or more regular get-togethers that are discreet, private and secure.

Married Affairs Sydney caters to the needs for both men and women who have either become bored with their current life situation, or who have a partner who has lost interest in sexual intimacy but don’t what the trauma and distress of disrupting home life. Many of the Married Affairs Sydney members have commented that these discreet relationships can definitely make things more exciting at home. While your current arrangement has worked well for so long, it can be some excitement and change that makes you grow, injecting new energy into your everyday life.

Introductions through married affairs Sydney typically experience a 75% success rate in finding a companion who will meet your requirements. It’s far better than a boozy night at the club. And no hangover!

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Our office is conveniently located on Kent St, Sydney CBD, near Wynyard Station and you can make an obligation free appointment and check it out for yourself, and the many clients they have of both sexes who just like you, are looking for some stimulation in their lives.


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