When love is not enough

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It is often said that marriages may be made in heaven, however the reality is they are made between people who are committed to living together for a very long time. As many married couples will confirm from their experience, after a while, two individuals may not find this relationship so heavenly.
Successful marriage involves love and respect, but it is a healthy sexual relationship that truly binds people together. Have you ever felt something is missing in your married life?
If the answer is yes, this means that often just love is not enough to stay happy in a marriage or other partnership. Unless your partner keeps fully engaged in a healthy sexual and mutually satisfying relationship with you, this often creates tension, adding to stress and ultimately to a communication breakdown.

Are you feeling abandoned?

Even though you make all the right moves to ensure you maintain your end of the intimacy arrangement, when your partner loses interest, motivation or just no longer cares about the mutual thrill and excitement in bed, this becomes a problem.
What happens if your partner is not able to give you that satisfaction, due to loss of libido, stress, family demands or other issues that deny you the physical fulfilment we all need and crave? If you find yourself in that situation, it may be time to make a call to Married Affairs Sydney, a well-established and reliable professional dating agency in Sydney.

What to do when you want more physical intimacy than you are receiving?

Even though your high-profile demanding job or concentration on your career satisfies most of your needs, this satisfaction only goes so far. While your family and friends may think your married life or relationship is perfect, you know the truth.
Deep inside, you crave more. You desire to be with that special person who is probably in a similar situation to you; someone who wants to give you the intimate physical fulfilment you need, without putting your current relationship, marriage or family commitments at stake.

Is It Possible?

Yes, it is possible to have more sexy fun with someone who truly understands your sexual desires, passion and needs. What you need is a “No strings attached” relationship where your physical needs are met with a compatible, professionally matched partner in a discreet and private married affair arranged through Married Affairs Sydney, a safe and secure dating agency located in the Sydney CBD.

The need for intimacy

The reality of marriage and long-term relationships is that we all need some degree of physical intimacy. While love may satisfy your emotional needs, without the support of mutually satisfying sex, it probably won’t be enough to satisfy your body. It is absolutely normal to feel a need to be fulfilled and satisfied through a strong physical bond.

What Can We Do for You?

We work as your trusted dating agency where you personally visit to our office, meet our consultants, and experience the caring and genuine service we provide to find your perfect playmate. The free initial consultation enables us to understand the type of casual partner you are seeking, all in an environment that is completely safe, discreet, and reliable.
It’s time to contact our team to know what you can get in life when “When Love Is Not Enough” for you. Call Susan on 0423 242 773 to make that important first step.

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