Safety for today’s dating scene

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Recent media reports on new safety initiatives for women in Sydney who enjoy a night out at their local pub have highlighted the need for safety for today’s dating scene.

The “Ask for Angela” program is being supported by a number of pubs and clubs.  Venues that participate in the program enable women who find themselves in a difficult situation to approach bar or venue staff and “Ask for Angela” as code that help is needed.

Staff are trained to arrange safe passage for women who feel threatened by unwelcome male attention and are given a safe exit from a potentially dangerous or risky personal situation.

You can’t be too careful

The increasing need for protection in socialising spaces, particularly where alcohol and drugs may affect behaviour highlights the potential dangers of on-line or other random dating practices.

While most people may be genuine and possess good-will in meeting women, unfortunately there are increasing instances where apparently mild-mannered men who go on dates or form casual relationships have mistreated, assaulted or abused women.

Know who you are meeting

The potential for danger in meeting people with whom you are unfamiliar shows the value of using a reputable personal introduction agency.

Women, men and same-sex oriented people who are looking for a genuine date, relationship or a ‘no-strings’ discreet affair should consult an agency that respects your confidentiality of identity and operates from an established office.

Importantly, an agency you select should be staffed by people you can call at any time and have been trained to examine and assess the suitability of members.

Personal profile matching saves your time

Comprehensive one-on-one profile matching is another significant benefit of consulting a professionally staffed agency, whether you are seeking a partner for dating, a discreet ‘no-strings’ affair or for a relationship.

Sure, we live in challenging times where on-line fixes for everything are at our fingertips, however, when it comes to your personal safety, wellbeing or happiness, it’s not the time to take risky short-cuts. Consult a reputable agency managed by people who are genuinely committed to help you find a partner, whatever your needs may be.

Married Affairs Sydney guarantees 100 percent discretion and achieves 75 percent matching success.

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