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Reading from an article posted on ABC NEWS Online from 20 March 2021:

“Women over 35 using online dating apps like Tinder and Bumble hit with ‘rejection violence’ experts say.”

Key points from this article.
1. Women on line dating apps report being abused for simply saying no, what experts have labelled “rejection
2. They say its most common form is verbal abuse but in extreme cases it can be physical and even deadly.
3. Behaviour change programs and new features to dating apps are helping to drive change, but experts say
there’s work to be done.

Dating Apps moving to verify identities.

In December Match Group, which owns Tinder and Hinge, ordered a comprehensive review of its “sexual misconduct
reporting, moderation and response processes.”
The announcement followed an investigation by the ABC in October which revealed Tinder was failing to adequately
respond to survivors of sexual assault and allowing rapists to cover their tracks.
In a statement Tinder Australia told the ABC it had added a number of safety features over the past year including the
introduction of safety-focused photo verification technology in Australia.

What an admission:

Online dating can be dangerous and may lead to a long history of harassment from either party. On line dating mega
players like Match Group are trying to counter this trend.


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